An amazing reaction to adults tasting breastmilk

Buzzfeed decided for whatever reason to have adults taste human milk or breast milk. I know it sounds strange  but I bet deep down inside you wondered what human milk tastes like. I bet you’re happy buzzfeed did this. Or maybe you’re not, but I am 🙂

As a breastfeeding mother, I have wondered hundreds of times what my milk would taste like but never tried to taste it as I found the concept to be anti-intuitive. So, buzzfeed did it. They asked a group of people to taste expressed (pumped) human milk and recorded their reaction.

Adults try human milk

They initially thought it might be gross, you can tell they are almost scared of trying it.


Reality was different. I knew breastmilk would be sweet since it’s concentration in lactose or milk sugar is much higher than cow’s milk or goats milk. I did not however expect this reaction from the participants who tried it. They actually loved it. I bet if they had not known it was human milk, they may have liked it even more. The video is short and fun to watch, especially when the participants see the mother who had expressed the milk. The participants reaction is hilarious, they found it so shocking. Why wouldn’t they? We’re not used to seeing the source of our food after we eat it. Unlike kids 🙂 One of the participants did not know what to say when he saw the mother, so he said he is honored to meet the mother.

I think it’s interesting to bring the mother in after they tasted the human milk to put the experiment in perspective. I think if we thought about the source of the food we are giving our children, we would steer away from cow’s milk as long as human milk is there. What do you think?

A note on the WHO recommendation mentioned in the video

I do wish that buzzfeed video would have put the correct WHO recommendation on the video which is “exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months is the optimal way of feeding infants. Thereafter infants should receive complementary foods with continued breastfeeding up to 2 years of age or beyond.” Instead they put the below quote which is confusing and not very accurate. It’s amazing that buzzfeed is discussing breastfeeding in a light manner so it would have been better if the correct recommendation was mentioned.

buzzfeed video

As you can see it says the WHO recommends breastfeeding alone or with complementary foods up to 2 years and beyond. Instead it should be breastfeeding alone (exclusively) for up to 6 months, and with complemetary foods up to 2 years or beyond. Breastfeeding does not need to be given with complementary feeding before 6 months.

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