how breastfeeding didn't ruin my body. Does breastfeeding make boobs sag? Absolutely not.

How Breastfeeding Didn’t Ruin my Body

This post is in response to a recent post Harper Bazar called “How Breastfeeding Ruined my Body” . It includes a short short analysis but cool stuff in the end, make sure to read through. So the post took over the Internet, especially the breastfeeding communities. All sorts of responses were made. Some with it some against[…]

One Tip that Changed my marriage by Mirna Sabbagh

The One Tip that Changed My Outlook on Marriage

I am sure if you have ever traveled to a European country, you’ve noticed how old couples there are different than old couples in the middle east or Lebanon for example. The couples that roam around Europe actually hold hands. They flirt, and laugh, and dance together. Maybe you’ve even wondered how come they are different.[…]