How to handle Lebanese family comments about your children over the holidays

All over the world, parents, in-laws and friends love to give feedback about how tall, big, short, skinny or average your child looks or “has become”. More so in middle eastern countries. This is very annoying especially when it comes to our children’s eating habits as there is an obvious difference in the way we would like our children to look (and eat) and the way elder family members would like to see them.

The more prepared you are, the less likely you are to go Armageddon on well meaning (or not) family and friends.

So, let’s role play. What should you say when hearing any of the below statements.

Kibraaaaaan(e) smalla

This is an easy one, you simply say thank you. The same goes for tewlan(e) or 7alyen(e). Don’t get too excited because you’re bound to hear  negative feedback afterwards.

Leh hek ma 3amyensa7?

Lesh l nasa7a mni7a?

Bass wazno ad wazn ibn 3ammo elli azghar minno

w barke wazen iben 3ammo howwe l ghalat?

Bass l nasa7a se77a

ayya sa77a mennon? l sikkare aw l daghet?

Bokra iza mured ma 3ando makhzoon

Leh howwe bisir ma3o grippe bel me3de?

Leh ma 3amyekol?

akal bel bet.

ma tkone m3a22ade, khalle l sabe yekol shu ma baddo

la2 ma te3tale ham, ma7ayetla3 m3a22ad ta3mayto fries w cake 3al tirwi2a.

7attal3e m3a22ad lal sabe

la2 wlo, la halla2 ma sme3et 7adan ra7 3and 7akim nafse min asar l akel l sa77e.

ma hayyena ta3mayna wledna kil shi ma ishbon shi

ma fike ta3rfe kif keno tel3o wledek law ta3maytiyon akel so77e mnil awwal.

ba3dek 3am trad3e?

Akiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid, l 7akim 2alle ma wa22ef bi7ayete (I know he didn’t)

Bass ma tal3a tawile la bayya

Lhamdilla she has my genes.

Shu tal3a 7elwe la bayya

leh ma bet2eleli inno ana bish3a b wijje? Darori barmet l dayne?

Tal3etlek manna 2alile

Haide awwal wa7de bitsibiya 🙂 3andek wine aw xanax?

If you’re too cornered about your child’s health send an email to and book one of our nutrition for children workshops so we can give you a huge certificate of attendance that you can stick on your forehead during every family gathering.

Got some more ideas? Hit me up with it! Let’s add it on.