The Rise of Social Influencers and Paris

Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook are such a part of our daily lives that it’s difficult to remember life without them. I try to imagine my life without the social media platforms and I do believe I’d be much more efficient with my day as simply scrolling through Instagram can take you from one account to the other until you are looking at a profile of someone in a different continent eating a food you’ve never seen before and wondering why aren’t you having this cool purple drink with odd toppings and wondering what type of alcohol is in it.

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Or just a glass of champagne giving you vacation envy

However, on the up side, social media platforms have become a way to indirectly get information. Be it medical information, parenting information, or useful information about products, and information on people’s experiences.

This world of “experiences” changed everything. Wanting to find out what a fashionista does during her day, what she believes in, and what mascara does she use for those awesome lashes or what brand of lashes. The same goes for parenting bloggers. What do other mothers do during their day? Is it more marvelous than theirs or is it the same? What food masher do they use? What parenting method are they using? and what activities are they doing for these kids?

Mirna Sabbagh, Blogger Lebanon and Dubai in the Middle east at International Bloggers Conference

Or just where’d she get this cute hat from?

It seems that some people have more of a “x-special” factor that others. More reasons to follow them than others. Sometimes it’s credibility, other times it’s their great photos, looks, or their way of writing. I believe in a world bombarding us with controversial information everyday, some parents are finding influencers to be their life savers. Just tell me what you do.

Everybody has their niche of influencers that they follow. Some people follow fashionistas, others follow lifestyle bloggers, others parenting bloggers, some follow food bloggers, travel bloggers or Inspirational writers.

Which blogs do you follow?

My drug is inspirational writers and a few super awesome fashion bloggers I must admit. My hearts beats though for those write for a cause. I love those who write to soothe others, to motivate others, or just to put words on paper in a way that is difficult to express. I must admit, in the past few years I have been beyond blessed to meet so many of those. Yasmina, Chrystel, Samar, Jana, and so many more. Everyone has a different style and a different driver but I like to read who I feel I will benefit from. If Jana posts about a useful product I want it. If Samar writes something I will read it, but only when I am alone because I’ll either cry of sadness or cry from inspiration. When Yasmina writes something I’ll tell everyone about this beautiful Lebanese woman with a strong heart with a big cause. When Chrystel writes I feel “Go Chrystel!” because she says things as they are and feel in Lebanese “fashet khil2i”.

A few weeks ago I was contacted to represent Lebanon as a “Major Blogosphere Influencer”. That was the first time someone directly calls me an influencer. I will honestly tell you I had such a huge sense of accomplishment.  Blogging is no easy feat. One day very few people will read your article. Other days thousands and thousands will read it and share it and love it. It’s a spiralling road. Many people ask, why do you do it? What do you get out of it? For many people nowadays it’s become highly commercial and they are using their platforms to market certain products that they may never really use in their daily lives. You’ll find a food blogger posting about an eye concealer or a beauty blogger posting about tomato puree. Don’t get me wrong sometimes some domains overlap and you can be blogging about both, however this is not usually the case. It’s also become so obvious that the same blogger will post about Fine diapers and then pampers after a few weeks. Where’s the credibility?

There’s other reasons to do it though. Having an influence is a beautifully gratifying thing. I can not describe to you how happy I am when I cook a certain meal on snapchat, and have even one person cook the same meal and send it to me the next day. I can not tell you how happy I am when people tell me I’ve helped them finally understand “Why” or “How” or “what” to do with their families. If I have influenced one person in my life then that makes me happy. Recognition is also a beautiful thing and I can not deny it. Getting invited to places is even nicer, who am I kidding here? So I want to thank parole de mamans the french magazine for searching for me and finding me and inviting me to the  E-fluent, International Bloggers Conference in Paris. I want to thank Mayane Group for their organization and outstanding energy. The app for the event was awesome to be able to send notifications to all the attendees. I’d also like to thank Selectour Afat for arranging for this swift and super amazing trip.Aside from recognition, this trip accomplished a few things for me
1- I realized that just like we have bloggers in our countries who are inspirational. There are hundreds and thousands from other countries. Mothers with different approaches and styles of parenting. There is so much for us to benefit from by meeting other mothers and seeing how other schooling systems are and other parenting systems and other family dynamics. There was bloggers from Italy, Portugal, U.K, Spain (gorgeous ones), and more than ten other countries.

Blogger dubai uae

Amazingly friendly Italian bloggers at the E-fluent event from @theswingingmom and @blogmodabebe

2- I realized there’s an amazing rise of Daddy bloggers. Like super cool dads like Tati Cool, Daddy CoolDaniel Osmanovici and Phil Palmer who wrote a detailed blog post about his experience about being a Daddy Blogger but also a detailed run down of the events. It’s too bad we didn’t meet in person as the events were crowded. For next year I hope we can have more networking opportunities that are structured including games or self introduction or switching tables so we can meet, be inspired, and learn from each other.


3- I had one on one time with Yasmina and Chrystel both bloggers and very close friends of mine and we had a blast. It felt like a school trip. Something not many mothers get the chance to do honestly. We laughed and ate and gossiped

Yasmina and Chrystel <3

4- I got to see Paris again. A city I fell in love with the first time I went even though I didn’t think I would. I also got to see my sister and brother who live in different countries and we had a family reunion which explodes my heart with love.

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My brother and sister <3

5- I realized that learning french is a must. It’s no fun having a language barrier when meeting with people from different countries. That one I’d like to work on, and I will be sure to work on with my son.

The E-spot main event happening at le Carreau Du Temple in Paris was so beautifully set up. There was workshops, talks, and hundreds of brands looking for exposure. There were Strollers, Baby Carriers, Baby food companies.

The event was huge! So many amazing brands were there. Launching new products or displaying old ones or both. Evian, Avene, Mustela. Merck, Kiddy, Elancyl, Sodastream, Ducray, Sanofi and so much more.

In the beginning I was skeptical about the event because as anyone who follows my blog knows I do not do advertisements. The reason I do not is because there hasn’t been any brands who contacted me who I genuinely believe would be useful for my readers. The majority of food brands will have ingredients I don’t think should be in baby food to begin with for example. So most food brands are out the window.

However, I realized that there is out there certain products we are not aware of and are actually useful products. For example the french brand allergN made by a mother who has 2 children with allergies. She has  super nicely designed  bracelets, pins, and bags for children with allergies to take with them especially for school trips and birthdays that have “Do not forget my allergy” Or “Dairy Allergy”.

I also saw this super cute hoover by Dyson that children can use themselves to clean their rooms. Fostering some Independence and discipline as I am now getting into the fostering Independence phase of parenting but unfortunately I could not get my hands on it because the samples were gone so quickly.

There were a few more which caught my attention. The Nutribullet ofcourse, and Nutribaby by Babymoov.

A few brands that touch a sweet spot were there as well, Mustela. Just the smell of it reminds me of newborn Karim. BabyBjorn as well, as I believe a baby carrier is super important to have as parents who would like to be able to live a semi-normal life with their babies. You’ve got to use your hands!

Also, for the munchkin lovers, munchkin is launching a new exciting product and will be coming to the Middle East but not yet. So Exciting news from Munchkin.

Mirna Sabbagh, Blogger Lebanon and Dubai in the Middle east at International Bloggers Conference

So that’s it for my Paris run down and my download of thoughts on influencers. I hope I didn’t make you die of boredom from my rant. If you’ve read this blog all the way to the last sentence type “Not dead” and I’ll know to write some more.

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