Sarah Stage under Attack Again

Do you remember the model Sarah Stage who was super fit during pregnancy? She’s under attack again. Wrongly again. Last time it was about her weight gain during pregnancy and this time for supposedly laying her son on the dirty floor in a fitting room. It turns out he was laying down on a clean blanket.

A recap on Sarah Stage’s Pregnancy Debate

Lots of people had a lot to say about her pregnancy. She looked outstanding at 8 months pregnant. Lots of people, including myself, were completely surprised at the way she looked during her pregnancy. I thought for sure she was not gaining enough weight. However, I was wrong she was gaining enough weight, it was simply not showing.

This is her last picture posted on instagram before her delivery.

How come Sarah Stage's baby was normal weight?


Is not gaining enough weight during pregnancy okay?

No, it’s not. Not gaining enough weight during pregnancy has lots of risks for the mother and baby. However, was this the case for Sarah Stage? Did she not gain enough weight during pregnancy?

How much weight did Sarah Stage gain during Pregnancy?

Sarah Stage gained 28 pounds during pregnancy, as she admitted in an Instagram post after delivery. What does this mean though? Is that under what she is supposed to gain?

How come Sarah Stage's baby was normal weight?

Was Sarah Stage’s pregnancy weight (28 pounds) healthy?

Yes.  Women entering pregnancy with a healthy weight should gain between 25-35 lb range. Which is the range she fell in.

What was the weight of Sarah Stage’s baby at birth?

Her baby was born normal weight at more than 8.7 pounds at birth. This is not surprising since she obviously ate well which is why she gained 28 pounds during pregnancy. This does not mean that this is what pregnant women should look like. Sarah Stage had a very particular case. The weight gained during pregnancy shows differently on different women. We shouldn’t aim to look like Sarah Stage during pregnancy (even though that would be so cool). Our aim should be to gain as much weight as she did, irrelevant of how we look like. Our bodies are creating life and need proper nutrition to sustain it.

How come Sarah Stage's baby was normal weight?


How come Sarah Stage did not look like she gained that much weight?

She is a model that used to train heavily before pregnancy. Her body structure, continuous training, and her individual genetics allowed her not to show the pregnancy weight.

Is it healthy to continue to work out during pregnancy?

Yes, it is for women who were exercising at the same rate before pregnancy. It’s not only safe, but also highly recommended. Sarah Stage was under a lot of criticism for continuing her work out routine. However most women who were athletes or had strenuous work out routines before pregnancy can continue to work out at the same rate during pregnancy with no risk to the baby or mother. This is explained in details in “Exercise during Pregnancy” by Baraa El-Sabbagh, dietician and personal trainer.

Again, let’s not think Sarah Stage’s pregnancy is the norm. Nor is her getting back to her pre-pregnancy abs the norm either. She is a model and being fit is part of her job. For us regular mamas, we have to put the effort to work out aside from our jobs and taking care of our children. However, let’s aim to gain enough weight during pregnancy like she did, to be active during pregnancy like she did, to breastfeed like she did, and to exercise after pregnancy like she did. Way to go mama!

How come Sarah Stage's baby was normal weight?

This is beautiful. Sarah Stage is a wonderful role model for breastfeeding to young mothers who are interested in keeping their post body breast shapes. Look at that!

How come Sarah Stage's baby was normal weight?

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