Super Recipes - A healthy recipe book by Mirna and Baraa Sabbagh


As a mother I absolutely struggle to find healthy recipes that I can trust for my 4 year old. As a dietitian I am even more picky about choosing and making recipes. The struggle is real for me and for millions of mothers around the globe. My sister, Baraa Sabbagh, who is a dietitian, sports Read more about SUPER RECIPES – MY NEW HEALTHY RECIPE BOOK[…]

Which is healthier almond milk vs. cow's milk

Cow’s milk vs. Almond milk

As consumers we often want one straight answer to our question. Which is better almond milk or cow’s milk. The answer is: it depends on what you’re looking for. Cow’s milk has benefits almond milk doesn’t have. Almond milk has benefits cow’s milk doesn’t have. Cow’s milk has dangers completely different than almond milk. Vice versa. Read more about Cow’s milk vs. Almond milk[…]

Soy debate: is edamame healthy or not?

The Soybean (Edamame) Debate: How To Analyze a Blog Post

Whether soybeans are healthy or not are one of the largest debates of the past few years. Soybeans went from being portrayed very healthy to being portrayed very unhealthy. Depends who you’re asking. I want to point out that this debate is not easy to tackle. Since soybeans, just like most other food has health benefits Read more about The Soybean (Edamame) Debate: How To Analyze a Blog Post[…]

7 foods to introduce to your family's diet by Mirna Sabbagh Muslmani on SheKnows media

7 foods to introduce to your family’s diet in 2016 (Published by SheKnows Media)

As a dietitian who specializes in children’s nutrition, I get asked a lot of questions, such as: “Can I give my 6-month-old nuts?” or “Can I give my 2-year-old fish?” I’d like to give you seven foods to introduce to your entire family’s diet in 2016, whether your children are 6 months old, 1 year Read more about 7 foods to introduce to your family’s diet in 2016 (Published by SheKnows Media)[…]

Chicory leaves recipe

Hindbeh or Chicory Recipe: Power Leaves

If you are middle-eastern, you certainly know about “hindbeh”, or chicory. It is part of the Lebanese “mezza” and can be seen as an appetizer in all Lebanese restaurants or in Lebanese homes. With the first rain falls of winter, piles of chicory leaves will be stacked on the roadsides waiting to give giant health Read more about Hindbeh or Chicory Recipe: Power Leaves[…]

Healthy Guacamole recipe

Healthy Guacamole, amor a la mexicana

We are an avocado-growing and avocado-loving family, this is an all-time favorite fruit in our kitchen. We love to add this super ingredient to baby mashed food and teething popsicles, we like to mix it in cocktails, smoothies, or eat it sliced with honey. Yet the everyday ritual for us, is having it as a dip. Avocados Read more about Healthy Guacamole, amor a la mexicana[…]


Iodine needs in Pregnancy and for Children

Iodine is a nutrient needed in small amounts, but remains extremely essential. Iodine is essential for the syntehsis of the thyroid hormones. Deficiencies in Iodine can cause still births and abnormalities for pregnant women. In addition, iodine defeciency can  cause well documented cognitive issues such as a reduction in IQ. Not to mention,an array of Read more about Iodine needs in Pregnancy and for Children[…]

Healthy riz b halib by One Thousand Days of Life

Healthy Riz b Halib or Rice Pudding

Recipe available in arabic as well. With Ramadan starting there is noway around dessert. There is no reason to avoid dessert as long as it’s healthy and balanced. This is a super easy recipe, you can get in the kitchen and do it before today’s iftar. Ingredients for 5 servings:  500 ml Soya Vanilla Alpro Read more about Healthy Riz b Halib or Rice Pudding[…]


Help! Parental Crisis

Ok seriously, my son, all of a sudden has become a super picky eater. He’s not eating any of the food he used to eat before, and on top of it he’s not breastfeeding either. Just in time for Mother’s Day to make me realize that I’m simply doing things wrong.

picky eater. food

I’ve tried providing colorful appetizing finger foods. No luck

Please help, what should I do?


Termos lupin the original way

Why isn’t there a health buzz for Termos (Lupin)?

What is Lupin (Termos)?

Termos (lupin) is a popular snack in the middle east. However, it’s not very common in other parts of the world.

If you google the word termos you will get the following:

Termos (lupin)

Not what you’re looking for, right? Even if you google the word Lupin you won’t get what you’re looking for

Lupin is a legume, just like lentils and beans and a great one for that matter.

Termos lupin

Note to google: Termos is a snack served cold. It is often eaten by Lebanese as part of the traditional mezza, with a glass of beer or arak. Previously it used to be sold very often by the street vendors in Lebanon, especially the corniche. It’s the arabic name for lupin, lupine, or lupini bean.