April 30, 2015

Hand Expression of Breastmilk

Many moms may need to hand express for a variety of reasons. Mainly because the baby is not latching yet.


Some basic guidelines adapted from LLL Tear Sheet Hand Expression:

• Wake your breasts up— shake, massage, move them

• Put Fingers on opposite sides of your areola

• Press back toward chest

• Compress fingers toward each other, drawing slightly toward nipple but not sliding skin

• Release pressure, relax hand. Repeat several times.

Don’t expect anything immediately. Add massage whenever you like. Shift your hand to a different position to move milk from other ducts.

If you are receiving colostrum: collect drops on plastic spoon, tip into baby’s mouth or collect with dropper.

If you are receiving milk: Express into pump funnel or large bowl.

Please see the LLL Tear Sheet for Hand Expression pictures.

hand expression

If you are hand expressing because the baby is not latching in the first few days, hand express 4-5 times a day.

 Videos on hand expression

There are many videos on the topic. By far the best video, and the one I find most beneficial is by Dr. Jane Morton, posted on Stanford School of Medicine. Please watch it on the link below.

Click here to watch the full video on Hand Expression

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