How to potty train your baby in 2 hours

You are absolutely going to hate me for this. The answer is you do NOT potty train your child in 2 hours, or 2 days or 1 weekend, or 2 weeks. It just doesn’t work like this.

Your child potty trains themselves when they are ready. Saying one should potty train their child in a weekend is like saying “Lean how to ride the bicycle in 2 hours when you haven’t recovered from leg injury” You simply do not have the capability so you will not learn in 2 hours. You will only learn when your legs are all okay.

It seems every time I scroll through Facebook I find a miraculous easy peasy way someone has potty trained their child and it worked. Guess what? It was coincidence that it worked when their child was ready.

How to potty train your child by Mirna Sabbagh Nutritionist and lactation consultant in dubai

I find it right there on my newsfeed along with 5 other repetitive topics that I always read about and are never true. Like 10 ways to get great hair.

Our potty training story: From zero to zero

My son used to poop on the toilet since he was 3 months old. I tried to get him to pee in the toilet since then, and more seriously since he was probably 9 months and it simply didn’t work. Being an obsessive reader (like any first time mom) I read every book and blog post about potty training. Since then I’ve found 120 vlogs about the topic. At around 20 months (a little before his 2nd birthday) I was ready for my intensive potty training adventure as I read 20-24 months seems to be the magic window. I did the whole chebangbang. Let him pick a potty, introduce the potty, put him on the potty and do a hiss noise, ask if he wants to pee every ten minutes, put him on the potty once an hour, put him on the potty after he wakes up, I let him go naked for 2 days where he peed on the floor, the couch, the bed, the cushions and almost pooped on the floor (I swear I am never that lucky).

You can read about the first time I tried in a blog post I wrote about it

How to potty train by Mirna Sabbagh, nutritionist and lactation consultant in Dubai

That was the day he used the potty as a storage space for his letters. He NEVER peed in that toilet btw.

Potty training underwears – my experience

I also got him Mothercare diapers that make him feel like he peed but won’t let the pee get to the floor. All F.A.I.L.E.D.

How to potty train, by Mirna Sabbagh nutritionist and lactation consultant

You can get them colored too. Too bad they also didn’t work

I stopped trying after around 3 months of active potty training attempts. A week after my potty training break the nursery teacher tells me he’s the last boy whose not potty trained and is worried it will start to affect him socially. I refuse to try again for 2 days then my mother, and sister (whose not even a mom) tells me “Khalas” it’s time.

I try again. I get the genius idea of getting him his favorite cartoon character in underwear (Mcqueen). I tell him Mcqueen will be sad if you pee on him.

hOW TO POTTY TRAIN by Mirna Sabbagh, Nutritionist and Lactation Consultant in Dubai

I got matching undershirts too

Lo and behold, he pees on Mcqueen and starting crying hysterically because McQueen is sad. I let the whole thing go again.

Potty training break – A break every mom needs

How to potty train your baby by Mirna Sabbagh Nutritionist and Lactation Consultant

Then I realized how much money I’ve spent and continue to spend on diapers even though I am completely out of the baby phase and the only reason I pass through the baby section at the supermarket is for stupid diapers

So I tried again. Failed again.

At this point, I followed my gut instinct which I had all along. My gut instinct and feeling was, screw the world. Including my family. When my son is ready he will pee in the toilet on his own. I don’t care if he does it when he is 5.

Potty training – what  worked?

Best Decision Ever. Why? Because one day when he was around 2 years and 6 months he told me mom I want to pee. He took my hand to the toilet and peed. He was 2 years and around 5 months. That is how you potty train your child in 2 seconds. You let them be ready. Just like everything else.

I did throughout those months though inform him every time I felt he was peeing or pooping, by saying you just peed or you just pooped. When you are ready to pee in the toilet. Let me know. I also let his dad pee infront of him and did so myself. That’s it.

He has an accident with peeing once every 2 months or so when he’s so excited he forgets to pee. He is now 3 and something and has been potty trained day and night for around 8 months.

by Mirna – The non-potty training expert.