May 22, 2015


 لقراءة المقال باللغة العرية إضغط هنا :ميرنا الصباغ اخصائية تغذية في دبي ولبنان


I am a nutritionist and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) in Dubai. I provide consultations throughout the whole life cycle from pregnancy to elderly.

In Person Consultation in Dubai Or Lebanon

I do consultations and workshops both in Lebanon (at Healthy Happy Us clinic, you can call 76-031638) and Dubai (at myPediaclinic you can call 04-4305926 for appointments).

Online Consultation

I also help hundreds of patients from all over the world through online consultations that you can book from any country.

Note: All consultations are either Arabic or English and provided by me.

To contact me you can e-mail me at

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