November 30, 2014


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What is “Nutricycle” about?

NutriCycle is a website that discusses nutrition throughout the life cycle. It gives particular attention to the start of the life cycle. Why? It’s simple, because a strong and sturdy foundation is needed to build a tower that stands the test of time. By the same token, proper nutrition from the day of inception onward is necessary to nurture strong and resilient men and women. Today, it has been found that the 1,000 days of life between a woman’s pregnancy and a baby’s second birthday is a unique window of opportunity to grow healthier individuals and therefore more prosperous societies. Research from all over the world is showing more and more the undeniable effects of diet on gene expression of infants, affecting their health all the way into their adult years. In addition, proper nutrition in the early years provides the necessary fuel to appropriately sustain the most rapid period of physical and mental development.

This website is about how to best tackle those irreversible 1000 days to ensure the strongest possible foundation for your baby. It will be segmented into Pregnancy, Infancy, and complementary feeding up to 2 years.

It is also accompanied by a “blog” discussing mother-hood related topics, from social topics such as family rights  to my personal experience and thoughts on motherhood and everything in between. The “blog” section will also feature any updates of new published content on NutriCycle.

What are the references for “nutricycle”?

The references for “NutriCycle” are well reputed journal articles, books, or documents published by international organizations such as WHO, UNICEF, and CDC to name a few. I am a nutritionist and breastfeeding specialist and the main author, however  the website will feature guest writers in their areas of expertise, such as fitness trainers, food scientists, nutritionists and physicians. I hope it can credibly serve as your go-to guide on how to manage the most important 1000 days of your baby’s life. Starting with pre-conception all the way to the second birthday.

Who is behind NutriCycle?

Mirna Sabbagh Muslmani is a nutritionist and breastfeeding specialist. For more information about myself, and my credentials, and my inspiration for this website read “About me” section.

Social media and recent updates

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